Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Notinsel means something like life raft and it's a project for children who are threatened by adults or other children in the street. Shops, libraries, banks ect. participate in it and have such a Notinsel-sticker on their doors so that they can be easily recognized. Children can ask for help there and can for example call their parents of the police if necessary. There are Notinseln all over Germany, the one in the picture is one of the public libraries in Hamburg. I think this is a really good idea!
Notinsel Homepage


Maria said...

Yes, it's a very sad story, indeed.
*great sigh*
(Not the Notinsel :)

Maria said...

As concerns "Notinsel" - I have seen something similar in Vienna some times ago, to. I don't remember the name, I'll look at the shop doors for the sign. Completely forgot about this, and it is so important for children to know where they can get help!

Darla said...

That's cool, here we have safe houses they can be stores or banks, fire depts. whatever with a sticker that tell children it's safe to come in and get help.

Dina said...

That's scary to think about.