Monday, May 25, 2009

MyWorld Tuesday: Ohlsdorf


two angel sculptures guarding graves on the Ohlsdorf cemetary

the cemetary itself was opened in 1877, but there are older graves to be found:
a prehistoric burial mound, around 4000 years old.

some old graves, but these are only about 100 years old

a chapel, the land in front of it is used for anonymous urn burials

around this time of year, the rhododendron is blooming and it's spectacular - a lot of those bushes are several meters high.

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Maria said...

Great post, Jeniffer! In Austria there is also a village named Ohlsdorf, a famous contemporary writer lived there, but he is also already buried :( Thomas Bernhard.
Die Aufnahmen vom Moor sind auch wunderschön!

Ebie said...

The color of your photos make it look so ancient, only a 100 years old! What an interesting colors the flowers are and the reflection on the water.

Titania said...

The black and white photo with the stone angels like frozen in time; a very poignant, beautiful post to show peace achieved. The reflection
of the Rhodos is wonderful.
We travelled in 1974 with the Galileo Galilei (Lloyid's) on her last trip to Australia.
Lovely to see lakes and man made rainbows. Ohlsdorf sounds nice, it must have been a village once and has grown to a town or city?

Janie said...

The cemetery tour was fascinating, especially to see that a 4000 year mound is in the same burial grounds.

Arija said...

The Rhododendrons in public Gardens in the north of Germany are truly stunning due to the naturally acid soil ound there.
Your cemetary is a peaceful placefor a short visit or an eternal sleep.

James said...

Wonderful pictures. I just moved and have been seeing these beautiful flowers all around, now I know they are rhododendron. Thanks!

Guy D said...

Great pics Jennifer, the last one is my favourite, love that reflection.

Have a great week
Regina In Pictures

fishing guy said...

Jennifer: What a neat look at the sacred place, you captured it so well.

Catherine said...

Love that first photo of the cemetery...very evocative..

Karen said...

Beautiful photos. So much history there.

I really like the first photo. The monochrome really suits it...sombre..

Indrani said...

4000 years old!
Great subject for MWT.
The last is beautiful.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I love the reflection of the flowers in the water. Lovely photos of the burial grounds too. thanks for sharing.

The Explorer said...

This is a unique world. Did you just visit here?

Wolynski said...

Second biggest cemetery in the world - the biggest one on Long Island is not nearly as nice as this one. Very beautiful and tranquil - lovely photos.

Happily Retired Gal said...

Your world contains such lovely places and you've photographed each in fascinating ways. Thanks for sharing your world ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Dina said...

Anonymous urn burials? Why do they do it anonymously?

Dina said...

Thanks for your answer. I replied.