Monday, May 11, 2009

MyWorld Tuesday: Volcanic Italy

The Campi Flegrei, the Phlaegrean Fields near Naples. The place was thought to be the entrance to the underworld by the ancient Romans and it was considered to be the home of their God Vulcan. It's an eerie place, full of ponds with boiling mud and steam vents. The smell of sulphur is almost overpowering until you get used to it. In Victorian times, people used to travel to the Campi Flegrei to take a sauna, a few of those (no more than artificial caves) can still be seen.
a fumarole venting hot steam

near the town of Aragona (Sicily) the Vulcanelli di Macalube can be found - a area in the middle of nowhere with lots of tiny mud volcanoes - at least that's what it looked like when I was there.
I could walk around between the Vulcanelli, but at other times the whole area is active and it looks more like one big mud volcano.
The mud they spout is cool and most of them were no wider than my hand, the biggest ones came up to my knee (and I'm not that tall).
They are a bit tricky to find, but well worth a visit!

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SandyCarlson said...

I can't imagine what this smell is like. Must be quite an experience all the way around, though!

erin said...

enjoyed the photos and commentary. i was near this area but, did not visit.
have a lovely evening.

Dina said...

This post is a real eye-opener for me. So interesting! So many marvelous things in and under our natural world.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Interesting place and great photos of it.
Thanks for sharing!
Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then

Guy D said...

Wow that must be amazing to see in person, great shots.

Have a great week
Regina In Pictures

Arija said...

Thought I know Naples and Pompeii reasomably well, I had not heard of this eerie gate to the underworld. I have walked across the very thin and resonating crust of the earth with hot steam issuing forth between my feet inn Iceland and the same and boiling mud in New Zealand, but this in new to me. Pity I can't fly anymore so I could see them.
Most interesting post.

hip chick said...

Wow...I've never seen anything like that. Very interesting.

Mar said...

Incredible shots!! I have never been close to a volcano...
Happy Tuesday!

Clara said...

I love your pictures of the mud volcanoes. They're fascinating!

2sweetnsaxy said...

How cool is that! Great shots.