Monday, August 24, 2009

MyWorld Tuesday: Sauerland


Today I've dug up some photos from the archives, I took them last year in December when I was visiting my parents. They live in a town called Luedenscheid in the Sauerland, near the Rhine-Ruhr area. Sauerland means Southern Land, although the name translates literally to Sour Land. It has many lakes and water reservoirs, much of the drinking water for the Rhine-Ruhe area comes form those. The pictures were taken at the Versetalsperre (Talsperre means water reservoir).
Here the dam is visible, seen from across the reservoir:

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Sylvia K said...

Marvelous shots! Love that blue, blue water! What a great vacation that must have been!

Thanks for sharing the beauty!


Arija said...

Nice shots of a very nice area.

Snap said...

The sky and the water ... wonderful! Calming, soothing ...