Saturday, September 19, 2009

Burgers Zoo: Rimba

part five of the Burgers Zoo series: the Rimba and the rest of the zoo.
The Rimba groups animals from Southeast Asia, like the Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus), the smallest of all bear species. Baloo from the Jungle Book is a Sun Bear, which is most obvious when you look at his claws (the artists at Disney always make a point of watching the animals they will draw) Edit: I was wrong about this. Baloo is a Sloth bear (but they have those huge claws, too).

the bears share their enclosure with two Binturongs, am animal the size of a small dog that resembles a cross between a cat/weasle and a bear. They share a family with civets and genets.

a Banteng (Bos javanicus), a wild cattle species that are also kept as working animals, but they are endangered. The one in the photo is a female, the males are black.

a Siamang (Symphalangus syndactylus), a Gibbon species

a female Yellow-cheeked Gibbon (Nomascus gabriellae) - the males are black

here's a video of them singing in the morning to mark their territory. Note how the female's song is different form the male's. The calls you hear in the background are the Siamangs.

a Sumatran Tiger

Burgers Zoo is well-known for it's chimpanzee group. The primatologist Frans de Waal has written a book about them and the zoo was the first worldwide to keep a big group of chimps together, the family now consists of around 15 individuals.

Now we leave the Rimba, but there's still more to see.

a Pygmy hippo

a Blue Duiker (Philantomba monticola), a very small antelope species, only a foot or so high

a warthog

a South American Tapir (Tapirus terrestris)

a Great Bittern (Botaurus stellaris)

a Black-crowned Night Heron, (Nycticorax nycticorax)

a Spoonbill

and a large family group of Coatis

they were enjoying some kind of food frozen into blocks of ice

I hope you enjoyed the tour! If you have the chance, visit yourself, it will be a great experience.
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Adrienne in Ohio said...

Oh, the tiger and the meerkat shots are my favorite. Great series!

eileeninmd said...

Thanks for sharing your zoo visit. I love all the animals especially the monkeys and the birds are great.

Snap said...

I've really enjoyed your photos of the Burgers Zoo. Thanks for sharing your visit with us. I agree with Adrienne, my favorites were the tiger and the meerkat.

Dimple said...

Thanks for the photos and the lesson! I didn't know Baloo was a sunbear!

jabblog said...

Beautiful sequence of photos. The yellow-cheeked gibbons are very musical aren't they. Meerkats are amusing and the tiger is just splendid.

Joy said...

Gosh what an amazing photostory! Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful photos!

Rambling Woods said...

Wonderful post and I love it when you add education with the cute animals. It's nice to see that the exhibits are so natural looking and that preserving endangered species is important... great post... Thank you for visiting my blue jays.. Michelle

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jennifer: What a neat group of animals.

Carolina said...

I've really enjoyed this post. Wonderful photos of great critters. I've been to Burger's Zoo, about 30 years ago hehe. I wouldn't recognize it now I think. I know it's one of the most beautiful zoo's in our country.

SandyCarlson said...

These are extraordinary critters. I love that bear!

magiceye said...

that was a beautiful series of photographs and information. thank you for sharing.

Denise said...

Great series of photographs and a lovely tour of the zoo. The video was fun to watch. Thanks so much for taking us along. This was a wonderful post and all the animals were a pleasure to see.

Dancin' Fool said...

Your pictures are amazing, such a brilliant variety of critters! Thanks for posting these.

nonizamboni said...

Oh, I loved the tour. And your photos--especially the meerkats and the spoonbill were awesome. Thanks for sharing and the reminder to care for all of the creatures.

leonnybg said...

Thanks for the nice stroll through the zoo in your photos.