Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MyWorld Tuesday: Quedlinburg part 2

Here's the second part of the Quedlinburg visit (part one.
We visited the abbey, it gives you a very nice view of the town

It has been turned into a museum, showing exhibits from the daily life of the women who lifed there. They were not nuns, since they didn't take vows. They were allowed to leave, for example to get married and often they were widowed women who chose to retire to such an abbey in order to live a protected life.

I would have loved to try on that slipper.

portable toilet, medieval style

the living quarters of the abbess

I used to think that canon balls exploded on impact until I saw "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson, where you can see very drastically what happens when a simple stone ball fired from a canon hits a group of soldier...

that thing is called a Raubgrafenkasten (robber knight box) - it's said to have been the prison for a robber knight in 1337. It's not really known if that's true or not, but such prison cells were used. The door was about the right size for a 10 year old child and the window is the only one and this is a prison for a person of high standing. A good reason for not coming into conflict with the law on your next time travel.

on route to our next destination, we passed the Kyffhaeuser. Excuse the bad quality, I took that picture from the car. The monument you see on top is in honour of Wilhelm I, the first German Emperor. I've always wanted to see that mountain because of the myths that are told about it: the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Germany Barbarossa (the name means Red Beard) is said to sit in a hall under that mountain, asleep until he is needed again to restore Germany to it's former greatness. His beard is already so long that it has grown through the table. From time to time he wakes and sends one of his knights to check whether ravens are still flying around the Kyffhaeuser. As long as there are, he will continue to sleep.
Of course there are many other versions of that myth, for example the one told about Arthur, King of England - but I've always liked that detail with the beard.

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Lily Hydrangea said...

very interesting post with beautiful photographs, even the one taken from your car! I think I like that one the best.
: )

Regina said...

An interesting world. Beautiful photos. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

Sylvia K said...

Love your photos and the history! How fascinating! Marvelous! Thanks for sharing.

Have a great week!


kbguy (福生) said...

I wonder when can I ever get to your part of the world. Maybe only in my dreams..

Coffeedoff said...

A lovely set of photos, great place. I dont fancy being in the prison box!

magiceye said...

that was so interesting. thank you!

Baruch said...

Very interesting photos. The slipper looks very uncomfortable though

Louise said...

Such a pretty little museum, but I really love the views over the town. It looks enchanted@

eileeninmd said...

You made an interesting post with great photos. I like the shoe too but I do not think it would fit. Thanks for sharing.

Pat said...

Your commentary on the photos brings history alive! That box used as a prison looks like a horrible place for a person to exist.