Saturday, January 16, 2010

Camera Critters: Budgies


I grew up with budgies, we almost always had a pair. When I moved out, I didn't own budgies for two years or so and then one day, I realized that i missed their constant chattering. So Ernst moved in with his buddy Martin. Martin died, but Ernst is still around, eight years old

Susi came next, with her partner (also already dead) - they were given up for adoption because (gasp!) they were too loud. Hello? Who would think: yeah, I'd like nice quiet birds, so I'll get budgies? Susi's about five years old now and she is Ernst's partner, but likes to flirst with the other males.

Then came Igor
and Anton, adopted out because of the new family dog. They had been with the family for only about a year, the dog must have come as a surprise.

Frida came last, the people brought her to the shelter and told the staff that she had been found. Which may be true, but I do wonder about the cage full of expensive toys that came with her. I don't think she brought those in a suitcase when she flew away. Frida also had a huge growth on her nose, like this - it's called hyperceratosis and it's often a sign that the bird has hormonal problems or nutritional deficits. The growth fell off after some time and hasn't grown back since (but if you have a bird with a similar condition, by all mean see an avian vet to find out exactly what causes it!). Frida had probably been a single bird all her life and she was a social cripple with no idea how to behave and she didn't call or chatter, not one sound. She got aggressive when the others tried to interact with her, but after a while she learned. Now she's vocalizing just as much as the others and plays and flirts with the males, a normal and happy bird.
In the summer, she likes to bathe in a piece of salad (but never in a dish of water, all my budgies refuse that for some reason). Her beak must have been broken once and there's only one half left that grows too long and needs to be shortened, a procedure we both hate. She's a feisty bird who will threaten to bite you as soon as you get near her.

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Michael said...

Thanks for sharing the budgies. They sound like a bunch of real characters.

KaHolly said...

Sweet budgies. I had one once, named Soupy. He lived to be about 11 years old! Such a love.

eileeninmd said...

How cute, love all your Budgies. Many years ago I use to have pet parakeets.

i beati said...

I miss them a lot..At one time they flew free her before hurricanes sandy

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I love parakeets, also canaries, finches etc. I do not currently have any birds, my hubby says I have to wait until I retire to add some birds to my zoo as he has his hands full taking care of the critters while I'm at work. :) So when I am able to retire, guess what the 1st thing I am going to do is? Just not sure what kind of birds I want.

Carletta said...

So wonderful that you care enough to recognize all their different personalities - a loving pet owner for sure.
Love that last shot!

Anonymous said...

A great bunch of sweeties. Loved how they are all so different. Have you ever read the book Enslaved by Ducks - funny and informative.

jabblog said...

What pretty birds they are. It looks as though they have a lovely aviary. I've never kept birds but love watching and photographing wild birds in our garden.

Dina said...

Each one with a story and a personality! And so pretty.
I'm glad Frida is happy now.

My kids raised parakeets when they were little. We had so many. The birds would wake me at the crack of dawn.

Joy said...

Your devotion to this type of bird is really neat!

ellen said...

What a great entry you have. Hope you have a nice weekend. God Bless!