Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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"electric bill bearded dragon"
If you are doing things right, you will notice your dragon on your bill, I'm afraid. They are desert animals and sunlovers and bright lighting is essential. A 100 watt basking spot, a 100 watt UV spot and three 75 watt HQI (spots or fluorescent tubes) are a good setup for example. You can do the maths if you know what your supplier charges per kilowatt hour (that's what 1000 watt of electricity will cost you per hour). Bearded draong.org has more info on lighting and general stuff.

Ewer Elbe
a type of ship that used to be common on the Elbe Here's one

Breeding mice
You'll find detailed instruction on how to breed mice for snakes here. It's more complicated than people think, but I'm happy to see that more and more snakeowners don't want to feed their snakes the prekilled mice from the shop - you really don't want to know how those were bred, kept and killed. Better do it yourself and offer the mice acceptable conditions, just make sure you know what to do, especially when it comes to sexing the mice.

Das Boot Captain
U96 had four different commanding officers, but the one you're probably looking for is Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrook. He's the one the captain from the book and movie Das Boot is based on, also known as KaLeu for Kapitaenleutnant or Der Alte (The Old Man). You'll find more on U96 and it's captains here and more on Lehmann-Willenbrook here

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