Friday, May 28, 2010

Fiel trip Friday: Mud Volcanoes

�bersicht über die Vulcanelli, das ganze Gebiet ist ca. 1 km² gro�
I visited Sicily a few years ago. My nature guidebook mentioned the Vulcanelli di Macalube, an area of mud volcanoes and so we decided to pay it a visit. It's right in the middle of nowhere and if you don't know it's there, you go right past it.
The area changes all the time, but when we were there, the surface was hardened enough to walk everywhere, with cute little volcanoes spouting mud and water. The activity is caused by carbon dioxide escaping from the ground and the mud is quite cool to the touch.
Vulcalnelli di Macalubbe in der Nähe von Agrigento und Aragona - kleine Schlammvulkane, die Wasser und Kohlendioxyid an die Oberfläche befördern
The biggest of those volcanoes came up to my knee. I was reminded of the bonsai mountains Terry Pratchett invented for his Discworld series - it's a good thing they cannot be harvested or people would be taking them home ;)
It's off the beaten path and hard to get there unless you have a car or are prepared to walk a while, but it's a very cool place.
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April said...

Those look cool!

CaraBee said...

What an unusual place! I am constantly surprised by our world. I would never have expected something like this to exist, and yet it does. Thanks for sharing it!