Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ABC Wednesday: E is for Elbtunnel


This is the entrance to the old Elbtunnel. It was built from 1907 to 1911 and allowed the people who worked at the dockyards and in the port to reach their workplace on foot and for free. Before the tunnel was built, the 45.000 workers (a rough estimate) had to use ferries and of course pay for them.

a view up from the stairs

To this day, using the tunnel is free if you're on foot or using a bike and it is open at all times. If you want to drive through it with a car, you have to pay and it's only possible at certain times. But you get to ride an elevator with your car, which I think is pretty cool. In 2008, 300.000 cars, 63.000 bicycles and 700.000 pedestrians used the Elbtunnel. If it looks somewhat familiar, you may have seen it in the thriller "The Odessa Files"
the entrance to the elevator
a view from below
The northern side of the tunnel gives you a great view of Hamburg. It's usually much less crowded than the Landungsbrücken, so if you want to watch the Hafengeburtstag (Harbour Birthday) or other big events in the harbour, this is a good place.
michel und cap san diego
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