Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ABC Wednesday: G is for Große Freiheit

The Große Freiheit is probably the most famous street in Hamburg, together with the Reeperbahn. The name means Big Freedom and derives from the fact that craftsmen did not need to belong to a particular guild or religion in Altona (these days part of Hamburg, then a town of its own). Now the Große Freiheit is offers nightclubs and stripclubs to party in as well as music clubs like the Große Freiheit 64, where the Beatles played their first gigs. I made the photo just now, it I made in on a weekend, the street would be full of people, it's always packed with visitors from all over the world (and many from Hamburg as well).
This is the Große Freiheit 36, one of the most famous music clubs in Hamburg. It's one of my favourite locations for concerts since it's comparatively small (I'd say for about 1000 people), with parquet flooring and a balcony.
The St. Joseph's Church is directly opposite the Große Freiheit 36 and only a short walk from the nearest strip club. It was build in 1660, destroyed, rebuilt in 1718, again destroyed in 1944 and then rebuilt as you see it now. You can see some more pictures and how the inside looked before it was destroyed during WWII on Wikipedia

The Große Freiheit plays a part in my family history. My grandfather was a sailor during WWII and he was to board his ship in Hamburg. But he still has one last night and of course he goes to the Große Freiheit to have some fun. He opens the door to a pub and the first thing he sees is a huge beer glas flying towards him. It hits him in the head and he's knocked unconscious, getting hurt badly enough to miss the departure of his ship. The ship is torpedoed only a few days later and lost with all men on board.

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