Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ABC Wednesday: K is for Köhlbrandbrücke

The Köhlbrandbrücke bridges the Elbe, the southern arm of the Elbe to be exact which is called Köhlbrand, giving the bridge its name. Köhlbrand comes from the fact that charcoal was burned on the river island Gorieswerder (Köhl = Kohle = charcoal, Brand = fire).

It was built from 1970-1974 and it's 3618m long and 53 m high. You can cross it by car and once per year with a bicycle or inline skates, if you take part in certain races/marathons. Pedestrians have been allowed onto the bridge only twice, in 1974 and 2004.
this is a model, on display at the Miniatur Wunderland

It's widely visible when you are driving towards Hamburg or when you are looking towards the port. There are rumors that it will have to be torn down since container ships are getting too big to pass beneath the bridge.
köhlbrandbrücke blau
This was taken during the Hamburg Cruise Days with the Köhlbrandbrücke illuminated

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