Monday, May 16, 2011

My World Tuesday: Burg Rheinstein

I spent a few days at the Middle Rhine Valley which, among other things, is famous for its many castles.
Rheinstein Castle towers 90 metres over the valley. It was built in 1316, but it was already falling into disrepair in the 16th century.
It changed owners many times and had many famous visitors, Queen Victoria for example.
Finally, it was sold to an opera singer who lived there and invested a lot of time and money into rebuilding the castle. These days, it is still privately owned, but it is open to the public and you can explore it own your own, which I enjoyed very much. I'm not that much into guided tours (at least not when it's the only way of seeing a place).
the view from the tower
a lovely courtyard with wine growing all over it
the interior has been rebuilt as far as possible as well

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