Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nature Notes: Budgies

Recently, two of my four budgies died. One from a liver tumor and I was expecting it. One I found in the morning barely able to hold on to the perch and all the vet could do was put her down, we have no idea what happened.
Both remaining budgies have lost their partner now and are very quiet. Luckily, the shelter had two females that are around six years old, about the age of my two. I introduced them to the males and things seemed to work pretty well, they quickly shared perches after flying around the room after each other. I'm curious if they will form pairs when they have gotten to know each other better - budgies are less picky than other parrots and usually will live peacefully with just about any other budgie, but choosing a mate is not done so easily. I don't want to breed them, but seeing a budgie feed and groom its mate is just so adorable.

meet Emily
budgie Emily

and Maggie
budgie Maggie
budgie Maggie
I never had a budgie with that particular colour, it's somewhere between grey and a light violet, especially in the sunlight.

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