Saturday, July 2, 2011

Camera Critters: Harpy Eagle

A harpy eagle at Tiergarten Berlin - a South American raptor species that feeds mainly on tree-dwelling mammals such as monkeys, porcupines and sloths. They are very powerful and can grab and carry prey that is almost as heavy as themselves.

Here's a great photo of a harpy eagle in flight. The wings are relatively short for their size which enables them to fly and manoeuvre in the dense forest. Quite impressive for such a big bird, reaching a length of up to 3ft and a wingspan of 7ft.

The head feathers are usually laid back and are only displayed when the bird is agitated. It was named for the Harpies of Greek mythology, from the word harpazein which means to snatch.
The Arkive and the Internet Bird Collection have more photos and information about these beautiful birds.

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