Saturday, August 13, 2011

Camera Critters: Persian Jirds

Three Persian Jirds were looking for a new home since their original owner could not keep them and they have moved in with me. I fell in love with Persian Jirds about a year ago when I fostered one.
They are about the size of a small rat, easily twice as big as a Mongolian gerbil, and very intelligent. I've started clicker training with them and they already wait for me in the evening to be entertained (there is a question of who is training who).
Persian Jirds are very active animals that love to run, climb and dig. Mine live in a converted wardrobe, 100x70x200cm long, wide and high - Persepolis. The photo below shows one of three compartments. You can find out more about Persian Jirds as pets here
I bought a kong for them and they found out very quickly that they had to throw it around to get at the sunflower seeds inside. I only give it to them when I'm around to keep an eye on them, though - a kong is tough and meant to be chewed, but it's better to make sure they don't.

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