Tuesday, October 11, 2011

World Bird Wednesday: Cuckoo Roller

Cuckoo Rollers (Leptosomus discolor) are also known as Courols. They are rather large birds, reaching a size of 40-50cm. The above is a female, the male is seen below.
They are endemic to Madagascar and the Comoro Islands and even in the wild, they are not shy at all. There's not that much known about them - they feed on all kinds of invertebrates, hunting from a perch and they are usually found in pairs. Here's a video of a calling male and here's one of a female. Cuckoo rollers are neither cuckoos nor rollers, although they may be related to one or the other - it's not exactly known at this point,

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Photos were taken at Vogelpark Walsrode.
Sources and further reading:
Internet Bird Collection
Tetrapod Zoology - an essay on the position of Cuckoo rollers in bird taxonomy.

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