Tuesday, January 31, 2012

World Bird Wednesday: White-Eared Catbird


A White-Eared Catbird (Ailuroedus buccoides), a species native to Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. They live in tropical forests, both in dry and humid habitats.

They belong to the Bowerbirds and like al birds of that species, courtship involves the display of colourful fruit, berries and flowers by the male to attract the female. Catbirds don't build structures like other bowerbirds do, but will display their offerings in their beak.

They feed on fruits and flowers. I had a hard time finding out much about this species, so I cannot tell you about such things as lifespan or breeding, I'm sorry. You can listen to their calls on Xeno Canto and here are a few videos.

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Photos were taken at London Zoo.

Sources and further reading:
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