Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Y is for Yellow-billed Stork


The Yellow-Billed Stork (Mycteria ibis) is called Nimmersatt in Germany, which roughly translates to always hungry/never full. It's native to Madagascar and southern Africa and roughly the size of a grey heron.

They feed on invertebrates, fish, amphibians - including bullfrogs. Yellow-billed storks feed in groups and they may stir up the water with one foot or follow big animals like hippos around, feeding on flushed prey. Here's a video of a huge group feeding.

They often nest together with ibises, herons, other stork species spoonbills and other birds. The nest is built in trees and after about 30 days, 2-4 chicks hatch. The chicks may stay in the nest, cared for by their parents, for as long as 55 days and will occasionally return to the nest even after that.

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