Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ABC Wednesday: E is for Electric Blue Gecko

A male Electric Blue Gecko (Lygodactylus williamsi), also called William's Dwarf gecko. The species is native to Tanzania and there only to a small forest area that is rapidly dwindling in size. The prefer screwpines to live in, feeding on small insects and sometimes nectar. Their feet have lamellae that enable them to walk on and stick to smooth surfaces, as you can see here

This is a female. Both sexes have orange bellies, males are usually bright blue, females more green-ish. But it's not reliable, there can be very blue females or males that are not at all blue, it depends on the animal's mood, age and social status as well.


Aside from deforestation, this species is threatened by the pet trade. If you see a wild-caught Electric Blue Gecko, know that the animal has been harvested illegally, their whole habitat is protected. There may be as little as 100,000 animals left and over the last few years, a huge percentage of those have been caught (possibly up to 40%). I don't think anyone needs one as a pet that badly, especially since they are fairly easy to breed in captivity.

More Es at ABC Wednesday Yay, I completed my second animal ABC (I started with F is for Fairy Bluebird)! Let's see if I can do anther one.

Photos were taken at Wilhelma, Stuttgart.

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