Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nature Notes: Zion Canyon


A view into Zion Canyon, formed by the Virgin River. It's a gorgeous place the names the Mormon settlers gave to the rock formations show that they ere equally impressed: the Three Patriarchs, Angels Landing, Court of the Patriarchs ect.


Since I was jetlagged anyway, I got up early and arrived at the park around 5am to watch the sun rise over the huge sandstone formations. I had the park almost to myself for more than an hour, not bad for a place that is normally so crowded.


Zion National Park is a very popular destination and it was fairly crowded. But there's a lot to do and miles and miles of trails where you will be alone with nature for much of the time. As someone who doesn't drive (I made the trip with my parents who rented an RV) I appreciated the public transport system with shuttle buses that run every 10 minutes at peak times from 5 am to late in the evening. They'll get you everywhere you want to go, starting in Springdale (driving in the park with your own vehicle is not possible).


The Riverside Walk, a two mile hike along the river, very popular and easy. From there you have access to the Narrows trail, which will take you about eight hours. I'd love to hike there one day, but this time we only had one full day at Zion and I'm also not sure I'm in shape for such a hike.

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