Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nature Notes: Arches National Park


Arches National Park has over 2000 natural arches (this one is the Double O Arch) and many more impressive sandstone formations. It's a beautiful place and you get to camp right in the middle of all that gorgeous nature. We stayed at the Devil's Garden campground where two trailheads end, so we could do a lot of exploring without driving anywhere first.


This is Balanced Rock. Note the tiny humans climbing around on it - illegally, I might add...climbing on any of the named structure of the park is forbidden, for good reason. You can climb everywhere else and it's fun, but take care not to overestimate your skill. Also, the rock is extremely slippery when wet.


Another arch - again, with tiny humans to show the real size of those formations.


This is part of the trail leading through Devil's Garden. You walk right on top of that ridge and the photo doesn't show just how high it is and how steep the drop to both sides is. But I loved every minute of that hike.


Landscape Arch. It's over 88 metres/290ft long and that makes it the longest natural arch in the world. A trail used to pass under it, but in the 90s, several slabs fell from it. The 1991 collapse was caught on video, you can see it here (2:20 onwards).


It was brutally hot during our stay, I've never drunken so much water in my life. There was some rain, but it never reached us, we just got this beautiful partial rainbow.


Here's the view from the campground at sundown. Is it me or does the rock on the right look like a grumpy guy contemplating the sunset with a hand held to his chin?


And following that, a gorgeous moon.

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