Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nature Notes: Mesa Verde


The view from Balcony House at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. There are a number of such cliff dwellings and they can only be accessed by steep ladders. Like this one:


It's worth a visit for the view alone (when can you get a look at some golden eagles from above?), but the guided tours are interesting and the history of Mesa Verde is fascinating, although not much is actually known for a fact. The people who dwelled there, the Ancient Pueblo People or Anasazi, lived here for centuries and then left, disappearing into history.

a closer look at one of the mesas, table-like mountains, from one of the trails

a mule deer with her calf - we even saw one with twins, but I didn't get them all three together

another mule deer showing off its enormous ears that gave the species its name

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