Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nature Notes: Valley of Fire


Valley of Fire was a spontaneous stop on our trip and a great choice because there is so much to see there and because it's a beautiful place. The campground is right in the middle of that awesome landscape and there's a lot do see without having to drive anywhere.

Like the petroglyphs:
The biggest collection at Atlatl Rock is under a rock overhang and protected by glass, but there are many more if you only look for them.


This is the White Domes trail where quite a few movies have been shot, The Professionals for example or Star Trek: Generations.


With a bit of imagination, there are faces and creatures everywhere. Like this snarling cat:

or this guy, with his hair flying in the wind

and we named this one Munch's Rock:

Nature Notes is hosted by Michelle at Rambling Woods.

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